Complete Robotic Arm 6DOF Degrees Of Freedom

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3,950.00 EGP 4,950.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: RO.ARM.RA001

Six-degree-of-freedom machinery is widely used in college teaching, personal IDY production, and maker education. It can be regarded as a simple multi-degree-of-freedom demonstration platform. Its power system consists of six servo motors, which can be realized. A demonstration of the handling of the front and rear, up and down, and left and right sides of the robot. 

All bracket parts are made of a 2mm thick aluminum plate, which effectively improves the stability of the manipulator. The rudder is equipped with MG996 metal steering gear as standard, which makes the output more stable and can also use the digital steering gear with high torque. 

Imported cup bearings are used at the steering joints, which not only makes the steering more flexible but also allows the steering of the steering gear to be at the same center. The chassis is in the form of a disc, which makes the manipulator turn left and right more flexible and smooth.