PD-032C Glass 10X Desk Magnifier With Adjustable Brightness LED


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Internal Reference: PD.032C.10X.BLACK

Product introduction

  • Magnifier magnification:  10X.
  • Magnifying lens material: White glass.
  • Magnifying lens Effective diameter: 125mm
  • Equipped with 36pcs white LED lamps, Color temperature 6500-7000K.
  • Brightness Illumination: at a distance of 1m at about 300 LUX Light intensity can be adjusted.
  • Power input voltage 220V, Output voltage 12V, Output current 40mA, safety voltage.
  • Input power line 1.2 m, equipped with adjustable brightness power box.
  • The length of middle metal hose is 250mm which can adjust the magnifier angle.
  • The bottom base with a rubber in the clamping surface which can clamp 0-65mm table and not damage the desk.
  • Magnifying lamp head size: 148 * 166 * mm
  • Weight 2kg