Makey Makey Set - Clone

Deluxe Kit with USB Cable Dupond Line Alligator Clips for Kids

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750.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: MAKEY.MAKEY.SET

China - Clone Makey Makey Set Deluxe Kit with USB Cable Dupond Line Alligator Clips for Kids 


Makey Makey is a popular Invention Kit. The principle is simple and powerful. No programming, no need to connect complicated lines, no need to install software, just need to connect USB to use, very simple! Come and have fun together! Give your child a surprise gift, a fun toy. With the MaKey MaKey, you can use everything as a keyboard on your computer with just a few clips and wires. 

MakeyMakey uses a high-impedance switch to detect when you are touching the material, causing the switch to turn on. This technology can cause some noise interference. The PC's host computer can remove noise interference through the low-pass filter. The ATMega32u4 onboard the MaKey MaKey. The HID protocol for chip completion and computer communication is the keyboard and mouse protocol.