NodeMCU Based On ESP8266 Development Kit - With CP2012 Chip

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Internal Reference: KIT.NODE.MCU

NodeMCU is an open-source development board and firmware based on the widely used ESP8266 -12E WiFi module. It allows you to program the ESP8266 WiFi module with the simple and powerful LUA programming language or Arduino IDE. With just a few lines of code you can establish a WiFi connection and define input/output pins according to your needs exactly like Arduino, turning your ESP8266 into a web server and a lot more. It is the WiFi equivalent of ethernet module. 

Now you have Internet of things (IoT) real tool. With its USB-TTL (CP2102 Chip) , the nodeMCU Dev board supports directly flashing from USB port. It combines features of WIFI access point and station + microcontroller. These features make the NodeMCU an extremely powerful tool for Wifi networking. It can be used as an access point and/or station, host a web server, or connect to internet to fetch or upload data. 


  • Programable WiFi module
  • Arduino-like (software-defined) hardware IO
  • Can be programmed with the simple and powerful Lua programming language or Arduino IDE
  • USB-TTL included plug-and-play
  • 10 GPIOs D0-D10, PWM functionality, IIC and SPI communication, 1-Wire, and ADC A0, etc. all in one board
  • Wifi networking (can be used as an access point and/or station, host a webserver), connect to internet to fetch or upload data
  • Event-driven API for network applications


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V
  • Input Voltage: 7-12V
  • Digital I/O Pins (DIO): 16
  • Analog Input Pins (ADC): 1
  • UARTs: 1
  • SPIs: 1
  • I2Cs: 1
  • Flash Memory: 4 MB
  • SRAM: 64 KB
  • Clock Speed: 80 MHz
  • USB-TTL based on CP2102 is included onboard, Enabling Plug n Play
  • PCB Antenna
  • Small Sized module to fit smartly inside your IoT projects.