PN532 NFC Read/Write RFID Module 13.56MHz

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Internal Reference: KIT.NFC.PN532.RED

The PN532 NFC module, as its name implies, is based on PN532 chip and used for 13.56MHz near-field communication. The module is equipped with onboard antenna, thus no external antenna coil is needed. It is compatible with SPI, IIC, and UART interfaces for communication. With NFC library support for Arduino and Raspberry Pi offered by us, it is quite convenient for development of products with NFC functions. Features

  • Effective communication distance of 0 ~ 1 cm (depending on TAG type)
  • Supports switching of SPI, IIC, and UART interface.
  • Can be used for 13.56M non-contact communication
  • Compatible with ISO14443 Type A and Type B standards


  • IC NXP PN532
  • Operating Voltage 3.3V
  • Power Supply Voltage 3.3~5.5V
  • Max Supply Current 150mA
  • Working Current(Standby Mode) 100mA
  • Working Current(Write Mode) 120mA
  • Working Current(Read Mode) 120mA
  • Indicator PWR
  • Interface SPI Interface, Std Raspberry Pi 20pins Interface

Features of PN532 Module

  • 80C51 microcontroller core with 40kBROM and 1kBRAM
  • Highly integrated analog circuit, demodulation, and decoding response
  • Support NFC RFID reading and writing, P2P communication with peers
  • Easy to change between communications option
  • The output buffer driver is connected to the antenna through a minimum number of external passive devices
  • Integrated RF field detector
  • Integrated data pattern detector
  • Support ISO / IEC14443A / MIFARE®
  • Support ISO / IEC14443B only in reader mode
  • The typical working distance exceeds 50mm in the reader mode, the specific distance is determined by the antenna size, tuning, and power supply
  • Working distance up to 50mm in NFCIP-1 mode, depending on antenna size, tuning, and power supply
  • The typical working distance in card operation mode is about 100mm, the specific distance is determined by the antenna size, tuning, and external field strength
  • In the reader mode, support MifareClassic encryption which can support two higher data transmission rates of 212kbit / s and 424kbit / s
  • In FeliCa mode, support communication baud rate of 106kbit/s, 212kbit/s and 424kbit/s
  • Integrated NFCIP-1 RF interface, transmission rate up to 424kbit/s
  • Support host interface:
    • SPI interface
    • I2C interface
    • Serial UART
  • Flexible interrupt mode
  • Low power consumption mode-hardware power-down mode-software power-down mode
  • When the device is in power-down mode, it can automatically wake up through the I2C, HSU, and SPI interfaces
  • Programmable timer
  • Quartz crystal oscillator
  • 2.7V ~ 5.5V power supply

Features Mifare Tag Card

  • Mifare ISO14443A 1K Classic card, an RFID read/write card that is designed to work with a Read/ Write machine.
  • Credit Card Size and thickness.
  • 13.56MHz operating frequency
  • 1K (1024) bytes of memory
  • Mifare Classic
  • ISO14443A
  • Easy printing of logo and custom graphic on both sides directly with a direct image or thermal transfer printers.
  • Compatible with both RC522 and PN532.
  • Dimension: 8.5cm x 5.4cm