Kit MOSFET 15A 400W - Trigger Switch Drive Module With PWM Regulator Control

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Internal Reference: KIT.MOSFET.15A.400W

15A 400W MOSFET Trigger Switch (Transistor Switch) Drive Module With PWM Regulator Control Panel

  • The two parallel MOS active output, lower resistance, electric current is bigger, strong power, room temperature 15A, 400W.
  • Wide voltage, support PWM;
  • Use this module to control any high-power equipment with a fast switching speed.

Product Parameters & Application:

  1. Working voltage: DC 5V-36V.
  2. Trigger signal source: DC3.3V to 20V, Can connect with any microcontroller IO port, PLC interfaces, DC power supply, etc., can answer the PWM signal, signal frequency 0-20 KHZ perfect support.
  3. The output power: DC-DC 5V - 36V, room temperature sustained current 15A, power 400W! In auxiliary cooling conditions, the maximum current can be up to 30A.
  4. Application: The output terminal can control high-power devices, motors, light bulbs, LED lamps, DC motor, micro pump, solenoid valve, etc., can input, PWM control motor speed, the brightness of the lamp, etc.
  5. Working temperature: - 40-85°
  6. Size: 3.4 x 1.7 x 1.7cm