CNC Handle 4 Axis USB Pendant Manual Remote Control

JOG encoder for Mach 3

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Internal Reference: KIT.HANDLE.4AXIS.USB

4 Axis USB Pendant (Handle Manual Remote Controller for Mach3)

  1. Industrial Mach CNC engraving machine controller was designed for Mach system
  2. Do not need to install any software or driver, Spring can be stretched to 3 meters
  3. Waterproof design, very durable, anti-dirt, oil spray
  4. Power by USB port
  5. Dimensions: 22 x 8 x 3cm

Please note this item works with Mach 3 ONLY

  • The USB self-check light, you can type the " scroll" on the keyboard to activate it.
  • The X,Y,Z ,A buttons need setup the "HOTKEY" in the MACH3, the other buttons can work directly.
  • Directional motion control: X+,X-,Y+,Y-,Z+,Z-,A+,A-
  • Feed rate control: F+,F-
  • Jog rate: J+,J-
  • Spindle speed: speed up, slow down
  • Programming: E-stop, cycle start, spindle on/off, Redo, single step, original point