DC Motor Driver DBH-1A Dual Channel 30A


H-bridge Controller DC 5~14V

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Internal Reference: KIT.DRIVER.DUAL.30A

Dual-channel H bridge Motor Driver Controller DC5-14V 0A-30A 


This driver board is specially designed for coreless motors and will work great with coreless motors. It supports forward & reverse motor control and PWM speed control. This board uses MOSFET with extremely low internal resistance, with dead band control that minimizes the MOSFET switch losses and improves the utilization rate of power supply. MOSFET driver chip has built-in hardware brake function and energy feedback function. It is a good choice for ordinary DC motors and coreless motor, etc. 


  • The upgraded product comes with a heat sink to improve the reliability and current detection circuit to realize a perfect PID closed-loop design. 
  • This board has a high-speed switch. 
  • General coreless motors need 60kHz PWM frequency and this board is designed with a 200kHz switch. 
  • Suitable for all kinds of toy car motors, semi-conductor refrigeration control, DC motors, and electromagnetic deflection coil control. 
  • This board can withstand high current overload and has a brake function which can stop the motor quickly. This board can withstand high current overload and has a brake function which can stop the motor quickly. 
  • Single power source input voltage range of this board is 3 to 15V, if you use a power source less than 12V, this board is very useful. 
  • It can still work even the voltage of a 12V battery is as low as 3V. 
  • MOSFET can endure current shock with 0.003 ohm resistance, which can quickly open the MOSFET channel and improve motor acceleration curvature, and also can quickly brake the motor. 
  • It can make the car start up quickly and brake quickly.


  • Model: DBH-1A
  • Rated Voltage: 5-12 V/DC (14.6V Max.)
  • Quiescent Current: <30mA±5mA
  • Operation Current: 0A-30A per channel Max.
  • Internal Resistance (per channel): 12mΩ
  • Impedance Load: 200kHz
  • PWM Control Duty Cycle: 0%~98%

Recommended Frequency:

  1. Normal motor: 16 kHz
  2. Coreless motor: 80 kHz
  3. Semiconductor Refrigeration: 500hz~80kHz

Input Voltage Level:

  • Lower Voltage Level: 0 to 5V
  • Higher Voltage Level: 2.5-13 V (board is compatible with typical 3.3 V, 5 V, 12 V)

Sampled Output Current:

  • Sampled output power current for single-chip microcontrollers sampling to do current-limiting processing.
  • CT Output Voltage(V)=Current(A) x 0.155
  • Size:7.2 x 5.7 x 2cm


  • Input PWM duty cycle cannot be more than 98%, or the board won't work stably or even be damaged.
  • Select PWM frequency according to load type, please use the recommended frequency.