Hot Air 878D Digital Control SMD ESD + Soldering Station

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2,850.00 EGP 3,750.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: HOT.AIR.878D


  • Power: 750W
  • Blower gun and welding table maintenance combination, the heat gun adopts PID temperature control adjustment.
  • Nixie tube temperature display, temperature precision of ±1C, over-temperature protection and fault code display functions are provided.
  • The temperature adjustment range is 100C to 450C. The handle positioned in the bracket enters a dormant state when the air inlet temperature is lower than 7C, effectively guaranteeing the service life of thermal fuse.
  • Welding table temperature: can be adjusted in the range of 200C to 480C at will. The welding table and the blower gun are used independently and do not interfere with each other, so the machine is suitable for electronic maintenance and all kinds of welding operations.