Power Bank Module 3.7V Li-ion Battery Micro USB to USB A Power Apply Module 5V 1A Charge Module (SKU#S71BANK)


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150.00 EGP 200.00 EGP

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Internal Reference: KIT.BANK.S71.SINGLE


  • This PCB supports charging the battery, simply supply a 5V Micro-USB source to the charging input and it will charge the connected battery to 4.2V. Great for mobile power source using Lithium-ion batteries (unprotected is also ok). Connect multiple batteries to the battery input to increase the capacity power capacity.
  • Charging voltage input: 5V 1A
  • Step up voltage output: 5V 1A max
  • Transient current: 180uA
  • Red LED: Charging
  • Green LED: Charging completed
  • Blue LED: There is a load in the USB
  • Size: 50 x 20 x 9 mm